"I Took The 504."

Choice Auto Gets On The Road With The 504
After years of being productive in the military and as a manager, Steve Limanek quickly grew tired of retirement. With a little help from BCL and the 504, Steve was able to open his own garage in Round Rock. He was so successful; he took the 504 once and quickly came back for help opening a second branch in Cedar Park. His loan was signed, processed and approved by BCL in less than 10 days.

504 Success Stories

Before any journey begins, you have to decide what road to take. The 504 loan package offered by BCL can help with all sorts of real estate and expansion projects, but it isnít the answer for everyone. Just deciding to start down the road is a big decision. At times like these, itís good to hear the voice of experience. Listening to other entrepreneurs who have already been where youíre trying to go can help you make a more informed choice. Here are a few people who have been down the road with the 504.



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